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My current obsession is GoPets.

You need to watch this movie. We're killing ourselves.


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9/4/05- New Items OMG!! More stuff in my cafepress store! Added a new shirt for grouchy meanies, and a funny subliminal message sticker.

9/2/05- New Items Added a new sticker for those who want PEACE, not WAR in my cafepress store. It's based on the magnet ribbons you see on everyone's car.

8/'05- New Pictures New pics... FINALLY!! I took the hideous ugly one off and added more recent ones. I'll get more since I only have like 3 up now HAHA ;) I also fixed the site up, deleting dead links and adding pages. Check out the new links!

7/'05- New Features New Blog! I password protected Betrayed Dreamer so I can keep any personal entries to myself. If you're a lucky duck, I'll be emailing you (as soon as I can, don't panic if I take a bit to get to it...) to get a login name and password that I'll set up for you so you can log in and check out what I have to say. For the rest of the world, and even those who will have access to Betrayed Dreamer, there is my new blog, The One That Got Away. That will be exactly what Betrayed Dreamer was. With both of these blogs, I'll be able to vent about stuff I was restricted from posting on a public blog, while keeping the rest of the world amused with my ramblings, useful/useless info, quizzes, trials and tribulations, and whatever random weirdness I am currently encountering. In the near future, I will be revamping my horrible photo galleries. *cringes* They are HIDEOUS!! *gag* Ugh. I will also be updating the links page, as I have come across many new fun and helpful things I'd like to share.